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Cloud based tech for 

digital events that are functional, immersive

and user friendly.

illumeet is the first event ecosystem that approaches virtual engagements from space planning and attendee journey. Understanding the importance of the user experience and creating

a custom road-map, we ideate wire-frames that are as compelling

as they are functional, immersive, and engage key audiences.

Our Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem incorporates industry relevant applications and facilitates immersive custom interactive

3D - 360 environments (VES), that promote your business, products, sponsors and partners. A multitude of mediums such as live chats, networking opportunities (illutag), video conferencing and webinar solutions (illujoin), digital catalogs (illuflip), games and photo booth (illusnap), seamlessly integrate into our virtual event platforms (VEP).


Services at a Glance

Creative Services

(Art Direction, Branding,


Virtual Venue Dev. & Customization (VEP/VES)

Marketing Strategy

Virtual Event Design

(UI/UX Experience)

Attendee Journey Mapping

Live Streaming &

Other Video Solutions

Event Production 

Event Management 

Webinar & Video Conference Solutions 



illumeet VEP is a responsive, comprehensive web-based platform that offers various levels of customization and different branding opportunities based on the type of product selected.


illumeet VEP is scalable in functionality, complexity, level of customization, and server capacity, so your project will always have the technical responsiveness that it needs.


illumeet VEP connects participants through the integration of various API solutions and tech algorithm that provide the perfect solution for virtual socializing, and targeted networking. Users have the possibility to communicate through chat, video chat, two way video call, and one to all presentation.

illumeet VEP was developed in a technology that supports the applications that provide the level of engagement that your audiences expect. Our platform is stressed tested with three times the number of participants for every event.


A team of developers space planners, UX/UI designers and project managers are assigned to the project and available during the production process and through the event providing the type of support that you and participants require.


illumeet VEP offers innovative, cloud-based technology that makes easier, more efficient meaningful connections. Our approach generates social avenues that Strategically enable intelligent networking.

illumeet Platforms


VEP ™ 

A Virtual Event Platform Custom Scaled to your event needs.

Whether your event is a conference or trade-show experience, a social gathering, or a non-profit gala, learn how our scalable platform becomes the virtual venue to produce and host flawless virtual engagements.

Our illumeet platform integrates a multitude of apps including our proprietary webinar and small two way meeting solution, social hour activations, video chat, and animated content libraries fostering engagement and networking opportunities. 

Based on your digital vision, we structure the platform to the needs of your project based on level of customization, number of attendees, functionalities, level of networking experiences, type, number and timeline of sessions. So we guarantee there is a size platform and fair price point for every kind of event.

Learn more about illumeet's functionalities here OR schedule a demo Now.

360˚ Immersive VES ™
(Virtual Exploration Spaces)

The VES is a 3D - 360 immersive experience that mimics real life events aesthetically by creating a virtual space that users can explore as they would in real life. The environment can be an imaginary design, or a real location created to scale. Animations, gamification and content can be embed to produce interactive activities that will keep audiences engaged for hours.

illumeet Apps


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