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Fair Use Policy

Effective starting: October 1st, 2020


This is a supplement to the illumeet Customer Agreement (the “Agreement”) and is thereby included in the Agreement. Any capitalized terms used but not defined below derive their meanings from the Agreement. 


The Order, Order Form and Agreement impose certain restrictions and limitations on the Scope of Use for Hosted Services. Limitations or restrictions specified in the Order Form override conflicting terms in this Fair Use Policy.


Reasonable Use

illumeet anticipates that Customer will use the Hosted Services in a reasonable manner given the business purpose.


As such, illumeet may restrict, suspend or terminate access if a Customer's use exceeds reasonable standards, based on service analytics and metrics derived from historic service usage, relating to meeting and recording durations, number of broadcasters, excessive calling patterns, amount of file space used and similar.


illumeet may first contact the Customer and discuss appropriate usage and suitable plans to support valid use of the Hosted Services.

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