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Support Policy

Effective starting: October 1st, 2020


This is a supplement to the illumeet Customer Service (the “Agreement”) and is thereby included in the Agreement. Any capitalized terms used but not defined below derive their meanings from the Agreement.

We define the type of support our Products require as 3 distinct categories: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support (together “Standard Support”). Depending on the type of Product chosen you may be required to provide some of these support duties to your End Users.


What is Level 1 Support?

Level 1 support engineers typically provide support for the following: “how-to” problems, creating and joining illumeet sessions, inviting users, adding media content to sessions, guidance with how to present and hold online meetings, camera and microphone issues, problems with Flash plugin versions, browser types and versions, problems with client PCs, troubleshooting issues documented in user/admin manuals, FAQs and other documentation made available by illumeet. This is not an exhaustive list and is meant to give examples of common issues. Level 1 support engineers are required to use “best efforts” to resolve a support request and are required to include the following information before escalating them to Level 2 support engineers: Steps to reproduce the issue (STRs), which environment the issue occurred on (URL), access details required to reproduce the issue, screenshots or screencasts of the issue (where possible), which browser, OS and device was tested on and results for each.

What is Level 2 Support?

Level 2 support engineers typically provide support for the following: help troubleshoot issues that are caused by software bugs or other software failures, determine the cause of problems that are likely to require source-code modifications or work-arounds, database modifications, testing or work-arounds, and general advanced technical troubleshooting beyond Level 1.

What is Level 3 Support?

Level 3 staff are experienced system administrators and DevOps engineers who typically deal with the following: ensure servers receive security updates, implement and improve server health monitoring, replace faulty hardware, manage network congestion, architect and refine anti-DDOS and anti-virus measures, and help troubleshoot platform bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Level 3 staff is typically available only to Level 2 staff.

Who is responsible for providing each support level?


illumeet to provide Level 1, 2 and 3 support

illumeet and/or partners will provide Level 1, 2 and 3 support if you are a Named User Cloud Account customer (as defined in the Agreement).

illumeet to provide Level 2 and 3 support only; you provide Level 1 support

You will provide Level 1 support to your End Users and illumeet and/or partners will provide Level 2 and 3 support to you (not to your End Users) if you have contracted a Product deployed on the illumeet cloud infrastructure (defined as “Cloud Server” in the Agreement).

illumeet to provide Level 2 support only; you provide Level 1 and 3 support

You will provide Level 1 and 3 support to your End Users and illumeet and/or partners will provide Level 2 support to you (not to your End Users) if you have contracted a self-hosted Product deployment (defined as “Software” in the Agreement).

Support Hours

illumeet provides Level 1 and 2 support from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT for all customers and additionally Level 1 support only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET for North American customers, Monday through Friday. Outside these hours our team may be available on a “best efforts” basis, meaning that on most work days support tickets may be answered well beyond those hours.

All server infrastructure managed by illumeet is actively monitored with Level 3 system administration teams available 24/7/365.

What is not included in Standard Support

Standard Support does not include the following:

  • Support to End Users (unless you are a Named User Cloud Account customer, in which case you are our End User)

  • Support to customers who are no longer under active maintenance

  • Support for a Product that has reached End of Life

  • Answers to development questions or requests

  • Third-party application integrations

  • Product training

  • System and performance tuning

  • Capacity planning

API Premium support

illumeet provides billable consulting support for its API to help you integrate in the best possible manner. Please note that this support service does not include coding, but rather high-level best-practice advice. For access to a senior technician for implementation advice you can contract a block of support hours and receive personal email support via our support system. Technician support time is tracked and deducted from the contracted time in 30-minute intervals. Technician time sheets are available on request. In most cases customers will already have a developer available (who has typically built the tool illumeet should be integrated with) but if you are in need of a developer to code the integration, please get in touch at and we may be able to recommend someone.

Updates & Maintenance

If you are entitled to New Releases (as specified in section 8 Support and Maintenance of the Agreement), illumeet will - unless otherwise agreed - fully manage the installation, configuration and deployment of the New Release (“Update”). You may request access to our staging environment to try out the Update before having it deployed to your servers. To obtain an Update, please arrange a suitable time window with our support help desk. Make sure to provide a number of possible time windows as well as current access details to your servers (in case of self-hosted deployments) and keep in mind that during the Update your End Users will not be able to use the Product. We do our best to avoid overwriting customizations, but please make sure to keep a copy of all customizations (branding changes, custom images, custom language files). Typically, an update will mean approximately 20 to 40 minutes of downtime. Whilst we will perform a quick smoke test after the Update it is your responsibility to carry out a thorough test.

If you are not entitled to New Releases (typically, these will be legacy perpetual server licenses which are no longer covered by an active maintenance agreement) and would like to obtain a New Release, please get in touch with our sales team to receive a pricing proposal.

End of Life Policy

illumeet supports illumeet versions until they have reached their End of Life. Provided your license terms & conditions allow it, you may continue to run a version that has reached End of Life, but we will be unable to provide support for it.

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